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Shed Light On Your
Limiting Beliefs

SML Coaching
Release Negative
SML Coaching
Transform Your Life

Ready for a breakthrough?

Stop avoiding, pretending, and denying. Step into your power and make courageous choices. Design a life that you love, one you don’t need to escape from. Find clarity and create consistency. Achieve focus and direction. With my guidance, you can create lasting positive changes in both your business and personal life, unlocking your true potential and living with purpose and joy.

“Shannon and SML Coaching really have your best interest and success at heart and will go the extra mile to help to create a new you. Shannon will help you to identify your saboteurs or the things that hold you back from becoming truly successful.”

— P.L.

Unlock Your True Self

Quiet your saboteurs & negative thoughts. Tap into your gifts and strengths. If you keep taking seminars where the impact quickly fades, coaching keeps the learning alive. Take a small step in the direction of your new life – let’s talk about how I can help you shape your future. I grow people!

5 Reason you should hire a coach:

  1. Studies show that productivity increases by 86% with coaching
  2. Coaches act as a sounding board
  3. They even point out your blind spots
  4. You get years of advice that is free from hidden agendas and opinions
  5. The time you spend in a coaching session is time 100% dedicated to you.

When was the last time you’ve had all that?

Choose The Right Package To Reach Your Goals

What you get:

  • Complementary Discovery Call to see if coaching is right for you
  • On boarding calls to dig into your goals and what’s standing in your way
  • Initial contracts are 6 months long (month to month after that)
  • Calls are 30 minutes via either video or phone (your choice)
  • Bi-weekly group calls for Realtor clients (weekly planning & personal/business development)


Group Coaching – This 3-month commitment includes the 6-week Positive Intelligence mental fitness program . This teaches you how to grow the 3 core mental muscles to thrive in challenging times. It’s designed for busy professionals to optimize their performance & reduce stress. If you feel stuck in the negativity vortex, this program helps you identify and reduce your specific sabotaging thoughts & emotions. Includes weekly 30-minute private coaching sessions.


2 private coaching calls per month


3 private coaching calls per month


Weekly private coaching