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Life isn’t a competition. You get one shot here. What do you want your time on earth to mean? How do you want to spend your days? Build a life you don’t need to unplug or escape from.

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“Shannon has been a blessing to me and my business. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Shannon since she has experience as a highly productive realtor, wife, and mom. Her perspective, guidance, and expertise have been immensely valuable in helping me maintain a focus on what's important while growing my business. I recommend SML Coaching to anyone looking to grow professionally and personally.”

— K.F.

Unlock Your True Self

Be the hero of your life, not the victim. Transform your career, health, relationships, finances, spirituality, and personal growth. Stop smoking, lose weight, reduce stress, enhance performance.

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Single session of Mental & Emotional Release (MER®) or Hypnotherapy


6 months coaching with 1 session of MER® or Hypnotherapy


12 months coaching with 1 session of MER® or Hypnotherapy


Breakthrough Session with 12 months Coaching