“Shannon has been critical in my growth as a business owner. She has some sort of super power that always helps me to see things differently, so that I can push past obstacles and identify precisely the next steps for moving forward. She's the best! ”

— K.F.

“Shannon is great! She uses some scientifically proven techniques to help create long lasting positive change. She is also very consistent with helping me get into the right headspace to be able to take the next step in my personal development. ”

— A.M.

“I’ve known Shannon Miller-Lutz for many years and have always admired her work ethic and have enjoyed her personality, so when I learned that she was coaching, I signed up immediately. I wasn’t disappointed! Shannon is a great listener, who can take what I’ve shared and then ask the right questions to help me make good decisions for my business and my life. She helped me be creative and to look at my long-term goals. She helped me stay balanced, which was one of my core values. I truly appreciate her knowledge and her insight to help me make some tough decisions. Working with Shannon was one of my best choices this year.”

— J.S.

“Shannon has been a blessing to me and my business. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Shannon since she has experience as a highly productive realtor, wife, and mom. Her perspective, guidance, and expertise have been immensely valuable in helping me maintain a focus on what's important while growing my business. I recommend SML Coaching to anyone looking to grow professionally and personally.”

— K.F.

“Shannon has been an amazing coach- she definitely challenges my thinking and is very easy to talk openly with. I have been a client for about 6 months and can't imagine not having Shannon as a coach! I look forward to every call because I know I am going to end the call with a new way to view whatever I am working on- both personal and professional. Highly recommend Shannon!!”

— J.T.

“Shannon is a worthy transformation coach. If you are tired of staying where you are, in fact, where you have been for years, and need the proper guidance to move forward and break out of the old, and let in the new, Shannon should be your coach. She is always upbeat, always realistic, and always ready to help you with those difficult and sensitive topics so that you move forward with significant changes in your thinking, and therefore your life!”

— L.L.

“I’ve been working with Shannon for about 4 months now. I’ve worked with other life and business coaches in the past, however, with Shannon I’m experiencing the most forward momentum in my business and in my personal life I’ve ever experienced. She is easy to talk to about anything, shows she cares and dishes out the tough love when needed. Shannon has helped me tackle some tough things I’ve been battling through for much of my adult years. I appreciate her so much.”

— N.L.