Positive Intelligence

Simplicity of the Operating System

Thank you so much for participating in my zoom presentation about mental fitness. As a bonus, you can download the PDF describing the Simplicity of the Operating System, by clicking here or on the thumbnail image.

Since you participated in the call you can also take the Positive Intelligence Saboteur Assessment and schedule a complimentary call with me to go over the results.

Along with the group coaching program, I also offer private one-on-one coaching (see below).


“Shannon is absolutely amazing. She takes her own experience in running a successful business, balancing personal life with her professional life, and channels that experience to help you take your personal life and work life to a new level. Worth the investment 100x over. I can't say enough about her and her life-changing guidance.”

— L.M.

Choose The Right Package To Reach Your Goals

What you get:

  • Complimentary initial session
  • Calls are 30-minute long via video
  • Contracts are 6 months in length
  • No extra charges for emails, texts etc between coaching sessions

Our Packages:

  • Bronze

    Group Coaching – This 3 month commitment includes the 6-week Positive Intelligence mental fitness program . This teaches you how to grow the 3 core mental muscles to thrive in challenging times. It’s designed for busy professionals to optimize their performance & reduce stress. Includes weekly 30-minute private coaching sessions

  • Silver

    2 private coaching calls per month

  • Gold

    3 private coaching calls per month

  • Platinum

    Weekly private coaching